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Aaron McDowell

As a public servant I've had to do A LOT of research on water quality. Taylor and Sammy really know their stuff and they hit it out of the park with us. We're very happy to join the Infinity Environmental family.



Ron Skrobutan

Well it has been over a year since i bought an Eagle Water purification system for the house. Sometimes in this world " You Pay For What You Get" and after using the system every day for an extended period of time the effects have been amazing. All of our water appliances have been running clean and with out odor and discoloration. This makes house cleaning far easier. It means our floors are cleaner, showers are with out build up and sinks and facets are clean. Our Landry is fresher and brighter and the machine never stinks. I also bought the Water Purification filters for drinking and our soups, sauces and salads are washed clean and taste better. We no longer are running a water cooler in the house and even our ice tastes amassing. The whole family has become very conscious of the taste of pure water. We want to take our water were ever we go because we have the best water we have ever tasted ! I have been drinking pure filtered water now for a year and a half and i can also tell you i feel the health benefits as well with my over all stiffness being reduced. Because i haven't felt the need to drink soft drinks my sugar intake is down and I have been loosing weight every month because of it. believe it or not just not drinking pop and with no special diet I have lost over 40lbs in the year and a half. I also want to make mention of Craig the owner, and his personal commitment to service and quality. He promised me that every year they would come back and service the unit and change up the filters and they have, Phil who heads up service, backed by a life time warranty, is both friendly and very knowledgeable. I am the kind of person who does my homework on a company. They are not fakers and are not running a scam. They are just a team of hard working friendly people doing a great job with a quality purification system. Thank You Infinity Environmental !!!!!!



Brandon B.

When you hear the saying "Water is Life" in countries where we are privileged to have running water, you never truly understand the meaning of this. However when the privilege is taken away, you become to notice how important water actually is. In Winnipeg  the pipes freeze underground, with water main breaks through out the years. We all have experienced the sheer loss of this necessity one time or another. The reason for mentioning this is we manage to take water for granted, we truly believe that the municipalities choose the best method to clean the water. In my opinion they do the best that they can to meet the masses demand, at the cheapest cost. Our water is treated, our water is drinkable, our water is good for you. In my opinion, I like a more natural process to clean the water my family drinks, cooks and bathes in.  I have two beautiful boys aged 11 and 3 with a third child on the way. I am a Red Seal Mechanic and Apprentice Structural Engineer and one of the biggest skeptics when it come to surveys and home visits. I met Infinity Environmental by answering a phone questionnaire about water quality. A short time later they returned a call with offer for a water analysis and a complimentary prize, I personally was curious about what was in the water. The products Infinity Environmental is promoting, is a Canadian company, established forty years ago, so we gave it a shot. I hated the chlorine smell, the taste, the fluoride and I really hated the cost of the filters. We met a wonderful Water Quality Analyst, very polite and professional that explained to us visually with tests and experiments the quality of the water. For my family I did want to go above and beyond the half fast clean we do get out of the taps and bottled water is just a joke. I have talked to plumbers in the past that insist on using softeners in the home to maintain all water appliances and pipes. However that is an upkeep as the resin (beads on the inside) break down, so yet another expense. After some time with the rep we completed the tests in our home. We finally understood the reason behind my wife's sensitive skin in relation to water, finding out our laundry would clean properly with out the use of chemicals, our drinking water all around needed to be contaminate free. We agreed based on what we saw, experienced and wanted to improve. This was an investment and we am so happy we bought the product. Over a year later and I have never looked back and hated my investment. You have no idea to watch your three year old touch the water and say its so soft, or your 11 year old want to have a shower because the water doesn't burn his eyes. My kids say they love water and drink it! My wife can have a shower with out skin irritations from the metals in the water and drinks 2L of water a day now. My wife Quotes " It is easy to drink that much water because you know its clean". One last benefit I want to mention (trust me there are to many to talk about) Is the additional soap products that come with the equipment to help with the cost. Again the skeptic in me and my wife's commitment to the cleaners she buys, we both thought we would still use my regular cleaners and this would be completely useless. I revoke my previous statement, My wife and I love it. We have not bought another item from that chemical aisle in over a year! This has saved us over $1200 on cleaning supplies, laundry, dishes, etc. You will never get all the money you seek in the world, however you can use what you saved and invest in Infinity Environmental!   We have never been happier!

Sincerely Brandon